"All Constitutions" is one of the results achieved in a research project developed by the University Scuola Superiore Carolina Albasio together with the Benicom Company.

The aim of the research engine is to provide all academics, experts, researches and citizens with a free and open source tool through which the user can explore and analyze constitutional texts, in all languages. The database of the Constitutions is made up by thousands of documents, original and source-checked, organized in accordance with the United Nations publication "Standard Country or Area Codes for Statistical Use" originally published as Series M, No. 49 and now commonly referred to as the M49 standard; the data is further presented based on year of publication, ONU Region, language, and type of content, with an ever-evolving meta-data addition; thanks to its functionalities, the research engine lets the user search inside the database for single meta-data or full text, compare multiple Constitutions and quickly provides academics answers that would otherwise be very time expensive to obtain.

The research engine is the digital counterpart of the permanent exposition and research laboratory of all the Constitutions named "Sala delle Costituzioni", located in Lecco.